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Drunk on Bad Marketing? Temperance Ads May Help

Propaganda of the Prohibition Era: A Photoblog of Prohibition Temperance Ads As a marketing agency, it’s fun to explore and use inspiration from historic movements and ads in marketing history, and Prohibition was a fascinating time. The temperance movement, driven by organizations like the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU), aimed to reduce alcoholism and promote non-alcoholic alternatives like grape juice and soda. Companies like Welch’s and Coca-Cola marketed themselves as alcohol substitutes. We have gathered some of the unique, funny, or bizarre temperance ads from the 1920s in remembrance of Prohibition. Today, non-alcoholic or sober bars and mocktail lounges are still marketed as “temperance bars,” and the hidden speakeasy style is still very much in demand. These ads were designed to scare or educate individuals about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption and the benefits of moderation. Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or someone interested in the impact of advertising, you may find these ads over the top- funny, serious or maybe just intriguing. Let’s take a look at some of the weird and wacky temperance ads created during prohibition. Each photo has a caption with where it came from, so take the time to click and read each one! […]

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Should Your Hands Be In the Cookie Jar? Useful Facts About Internet Cookies

What are internet cookies and what are they used for? Internet cookies make it easier for you and your customers to browse, buy, and advertise online. Individual users can choose whether or not to accept these cookies. These small bits of data or files are used by websites and servers to save browsing information for individual users. Websites can use this to remember your device, browser preferences, and related online activities. This can offer you a more personalized, streamlined browsing experience. Types of cookies and what they do While there are many types of cookies, it’s most important to know the three main types and how you can utilize them: 1. Single or session cookies only stick around during your “session” on the website and erase when you close the website will help with navigation, shopping carts, and things you view will not have to re-authenticate for each web page you visit default is enabled – to make sure the website runs as it should are beneficial to you and your business 2. First-party cookies are created by websites you visit directly in your browser are intended to enhance your user experience typically save information relevant to the page–like what

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The Biggest Trends in Marketing and How to Implement Them

Here are the biggest trends in marketing and how we can implement them for you  Introduction  Trending this, hashtag that, what is a TikTok!? There is no doubt that marketing trends and strategies have changed drastically over the years. With new trends happening all the time, your content on social media could be dragging. If you’re feeling stuck in the old ways of doing things, here’s what you need to know about the biggest trends in marketing for 2022. Story-Driven Content Visualization Everyone loves a good story. The most effective way to communicate with your audience is through storytelling. The best marketing campaigns, ads, and content are those that engage the audience. They play at your heartstrings and draw you into a relatable world. Let’s utilize this. Story-driven content visualization is a new way of telling stories that combines the power of data and storytelling. The goal is to make data accessible, meaningful, and engaging. This can be achieved by using storytelling techniques such as visualizations, infographics, or videos. Instead of spending time creating content that simply informs people about your products and services, focus on a narrative that implements your product or service into someone’s daily life. Imagine your

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How To Write An Engaging Social Media Post About A Boring Topic

Social media has become an essential part of marketing for businesses, but there’s a lot to think about when you’re crafting your posts. You’re putting yourself out there, from your voice, branding, imaging, and who you are as a business. This is your opportunity to connect with your audience and bring awareness to your brand. Our guess – you don’t want to bore them! In this guide, we’ll cover how to use various content strategies to make boring topics more engaging on social media, and create a fun, relatable voice for any king of brand. Determine who your audience is Know the demographics of your audience age, gender, location, etc. Understand their tone (a more casual tone might work better than a stuffy one, for social media). Learn about their culture and location—what makes them unique? Are they more likely to respond to an event in-person or online? This will help you understand what kind of post would appeal to them on social media. Use trending topics When you’re writing a social media post that you know will be relevant to your audience, you can get in front of more people through trending topics. This can be anything from a

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7 Aspects of Marketing and How They All Work Together to Get More Conversions

Ever wonder how many times someone sees your marketing messages? Let’s take buying a car, for example. According to Googl e, people see at least 24 marketing messages before purchasing a vehicle. That’s 24 opportunities where a potential buyer might be influenced to decide one way or another. During the three months leading up to one user’s choice to lease a car, she engaged in almost 900 digital encounters – where she specifically sought out information about auto leases or purchases. These marketing touchpoints could make or break your path to a successful marketing campaign. And they all work together. Today, we live on our devices, and there are so many ways to reach people, that it can be hard to decipher where to start or what is most important to marketing and advertising. Our approach? Rhinos charge, together! With these 7 different aspects of marketing, we create a unified marketing strategy that takes all of those aspects and customizes a big, beautiful, cohesive marketing campaign that encompasses everything about your company from the voice of your brand to the data that drives it. While we don’t actually include rhinoceroses in our marketing packages, we make an impact like them! In

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